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Happy to let you know of a new initiative by Team VP –   VP BizQuest

Watch every month how Team VP goes about dissecting Management Quality, Business Quality, and Long Term Sustainability of a topical investment prospect. Speaker presentations on BQ & MQ are followed up by a hour long Q&A among VP Top Contributors.

OCT 2015 – MPS Limited. Nov 2015 – Avanti Feeds

Ayush Mittal and Donald Francis were featured in Wealth Wizards issue Forbes India July 15, 2015


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ValuePickr is dedicated to making things transparent in the Indian Stock Market. Building Accountability and therefore Trust in – information, analysis, and research for better-informed investing.

ValuePickr – separating the wheat from the chaff – is dedicated to a tough mission! We are focused on making it easier for you to take better informed investing decisions.

We attempt always to give you the WHOLE STORY – NOT bits & pieces information or conveniently missed holes in what may otherwise look like a pretty picture. We follow a rigorous template and attempt to provide structured information sets – such as the Stock Story, Management Q&A and Field Reports – in addition to – the in-depth Forum discussions that ValuePickr has come to be known for. Welcome,  join us in learning, sharing, collaborating & growing together!

We have completed more than 5 years on this journey, since Mar 2010. First-time Visitors/New Readership may find it worthwhile to first spend some time on the links provided above.

1. Stock Story & Management Q&A

When you look up a stock, ever wondered why everyone presents you a set of numbers? The numbers may or may not make sense to you depending on how savvy you are as an investor, but they sure don’t tell you what’s the underlying business behind that stock.
We like to believe, you will make a very good start by reading up first, on what we call stock stories. Going through the Management Q&A that we painstakingly put together may provide you with further insights.

(Management Q&A requires free login, if you do not have a login ID, please request for one using the Pre-Register link)

Stock Stories Management Q&A New! Management Q&A
Muthoot Capital Services Poly Medicure Kitex Garments
Shriram City Union Finance PI Industries Muthoot Capital Services
Kaveri Seed Company Avanti Feeds Alembic Pharma
NESCO Ajanta Pharma Shriram City Union Finance
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Kaveri Seed Company
Ajanta Pharma Poly Medicure
Ador Fontech Astral Poly Technik
Indag Rubber Oriental Carbon
Atul Auto Balkrishna Industries
P I Industries Ador Fontech
Balkrishna Industries Atul Auto
Astral Poly Technik Indag Rubber
Suprajit Engineering PI Industries
Gandhi Special Tubes Gujarat Reclaim
Poly Medicure Manjushree Technopack
Gujarat Reclaim Mayur Uniquoters
Relaxo Footwear Gandhi Special Tubes
Balaji Amines Suprajit Engineering
Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Modison Metals
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Relaxo Footwear
Mayur Uniquoters Pondy Oxides & Chemicals
Vinati Organics
Manjushree Technopack
Swaraj Engines

2. Stock Analysis

It is worthwhile spending some time studying the track record of the business. How has it grown over the last 5 years or more, what are the sources of its growth? What kind of profitability and financial health record does it have to show? What has been the quality of this growth, Is it becoming more efficient, or less?
Before you can bet on a stock, you need to be more informed on its track record. Stock Analysis is a good second step.


3. Stock Research

Seasoned Investors are not satisfied yet (walking through steps 1-4). They know that to bet with any conviction on a stock investment, they need to be sure of the sustainability of the business. Can it continue to perform well in the next 3-5 years? Why?
An objective assessment of the business issues particular to the industry segment, sustainable competitive advantages that it may enjoy, management quality, significant new initiatives, etc. are among the aspects that are necessary to establish before you allocate your (scarce) capital.
ValuePickr Business Quality and Management Quality Frameworks are geared to help seasoned and new investors establish that confidence in the business, before they invest in it.

Manjushree Technopack – packing growth in your portfolio

4. Stock Screener

If you are new to the equity market, you might be short of ideas. Stock Screener helps you reach a shortlist of more promising stock opportunities. Use the 100s of pre-defined screens from well-known investment gurus and stock screening sites the world over, or define your own stock screens.
Midcaps and small cap stock universe is poorly researched in india. Many excellent businesses have not received their due exposure. Wonder how we come up with interesting stock stories all the while? Use the Stock Screener, it may pay to be your own stock analyst!
Most Popular Screens