VP BizQuest

VP BizQuest
Business Quality, Management Quality, Sustainability

ValuePickr has always been dedicated to promote investor education and growth. To pursue this objective with more vigour, Team VP has decided to go a step further and make available our dissections of different topical businesses with participants pitching arguments, for and against the investment case.

To encourage new aspiring informed investors reach new levels of investment refinement, we are always open to inviting promising new talent into our fold…Read On!

Happy to let you know of a new initiative by Team VP – VP BizQuest

Watch every month how Team VP goes about dissecting Management Quality, Business Quality, and Long Term Sustainability of a topical investment prospect. Speaker presentations on BQ & MQ are followed up by a hour long Q&A among VP Top Contributors.

Keep watching this space for Updates on forthcoming VP BizQuest Events, and uploading of relevant preparatory material. These structured data-sets/information/analysis documents will be useful to get the best out of VP BizQuest interactive discussions.

We are hoping to be able to include moderated off-line questions from VP Members (and the larger investment community) in subsequent VP BizQuest Events, as we mature with the format & the medium.


Oct 2015: MPS Limited

Preparatory Material to use as backgrounders:





Nov 2015: Avanti Feeds Limited

Preparatory Material to use as backgrounders:






Not everyone at VP needs to be an aspiring analyst/fund manager in his own right, like our Top 20 Contributors. For anyone at VP who wants to share, learn, and grow together with us, here are some simple guidelines:

How can I join in on future VP BizQuest events?

  1. Continue to participate enthusiastically in VP Forum threads. Show consistency in sharing your work freely, without any expectations. Over 6-8 months, sincere consistent efforts from your side will usually shine through. Community Members will respond to the quality of your work.
  2. Demonstrate that you belong to the VP Community by upholding its Culture & Ethos. Not only do we share freely, we have to show healthy respect and open-ness to accommodate viewpoints contrary to one’s own. Demonstrate the ability to wear both hats – the Defender/Devil’s Advocate – for your own idea. Only when we show the willingness to rationally investigate ourselves “what all can go wrong”, do we mature on the investing refinement learning curve.
  3. Raise your hand for preparing structured documents on BQ, MQ and Stock Story for your favourite idea. Enlist other like-minded folks participating in the thread/elsewhere at VP (preferably with complimentary skills) to collaborate and improve on your initial efforts. Feel free to reach out to Seniors and/or Members whose work you admire for help/support.

Do I have to be a hot-shot analyst to qualify?

  1. Not at all. But we do want to see sincere effort and a quest for raising the bar. We want to be surprised – by something that you point out – that other contributors have failed to spot, and/or bring to the discussion table. If we see you asking good questions and presenting original domain work/data-sets to substantiate your viewpoints, we want to see you migrating to doing a Stock Story or fill up a BQ sheet for your best idea. If you have done justice to a BQ sheet or Stock Story, we want to see you help edit/refine someone else’s work.
  2. We do want to see consistency of effort and free-sharing ethos, and we want to see that spark – the quest and the energy for personal growth. That is usually good enough for us. We want to see openness and humility to be able to listen to all points of views. We want to see your incremental posts reflecting growing maturity in presenting balanced perspectives. We want to see demonstration of the ability to work together with others who are very different from you, but bring complimentary strengths to the Table.

How long does this take for someone new to VP Community?

  1. Good selfless work does not go un-noticed. Usually within 6-8 months your original work will shine through. Moderators/Seniors will reach out to you and give you some additional tasks to perform, prepare for a Management Q&A, prepare BQ Sheets, support in some specific information digging quest and the like.
  2. Most folks do get invited for a Management Q&A as soon as possible, based on mutual convenience. Usually we keep a slot free in every Management Q&A for a newcomer (to VP). But the place has to be earned. We cannot carry passengers. We have a job to deliver. At any Management Q&A, there are only 5-6 Members invited. More than that hasn’t worked for us.
  3. Some folks like Aveek Mitra, and Rohit Balakrishnan could respond to our requests, did exemplary selfless work and got inducted fairly quickly within 6-8 months. It’s not always possible to work with everyone. Moderators already have a list of 5-6 candidates whom we will be approaching/have sounded out for subsequent Management Q&As.

What prevents me from sending in off-line questions for VP BizQuest Events?

  1. Nothing. Feel free to prepare and send in questions. Make sure you have put in that effort to go through the preparatory documents, and therefore are asking only second/third-level questions.
  2. Respect our Moderators discretion in accommodating your questions, however. Depending on the question queue, the quality of your question, and relevance to the on-going discussion, your questions may or may not get a voice. As we mature with the format and the medium, we are committed though to making this more of an open-event, within reasonable constraints.