NGL Finechem Management Q&A – 26 Feb 2018

NGL Finechem Management Q&A – 26 Feb 2018 – Ayush Mittal – Donald Francis Human APIs/Veterinary APIs Kindly educate us a little on NGLs addressable domain. Any plans for addressing adjacent domains? We are into Veterinary and Human APIs. If we look at the Industry 80% of Veterinary products are also used for Humans. Exclusively […]


Shilpa is a API provider of oncology molecules and other niche molecules. Much of the API provider’s revenues depends on the fortunes of the formulator whom he supplies. For ex: formulator may have FDA issues, plant upgradation, may decide to get out of some formulations etc which in turn affect the demand of Shilpa’s APis. […]

Kitex Garments Management Q&A: Aug, 2014

Kitex Garments Management Q&A : Aug, 2014 1. INDUSTRY/INDUSTRY STRUCTURE We just finished a tour of the Garmenting and the Knitting-Bleaching-Fabric-Processing factories. Its nothing like we have seen before. You have set up a high-quality infrastructure on par with the best in the world with state-of-the-art advanced machinery. Who were the early influencers? How did you […]