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ValuePickr stock screener | How to create your own screens

Understanding the syntax, using variables in expressions, creating a new screen, and the like...


Expressions, Variables, Operators - the Syntax

Let's look at a typical stock screen again.

1. DPS_LFY>0 ; DPS_LFY>=DPS_PY1; DPS_PY1>=DPS_PY2  are Expressions

DPS is the short name for the Variable Dividend per Share; _LFY suffix refers to the period Last Financial Year; Period can be _LFY or _PY1, PY2, PY3 or PY4 referring to Previous year 1, 2,3 & 4

2. Operators can be any of >, <, =, *, /, +, -, >=,<=, <> (not equal to)

3. The expression is complete when a variable is compared against another variable (DPS_LFY>=DPS_PY1) or a variable is compared against a number (DPS_LFY>0)

4. Exact variable to use can be found from the searchable variable tree. 

You can find complete details on the Screener Syntax, here. 

Creating/Editing/Executing a new Screen

1. Go to My Folder, appearing on the top right of your screen

2. Click on My Screens

3. Click on Add new Screen

4. Add a Name, Description for your screen

5. Click on Add new row; You will see a scrollable Variable Tree alongside

6. Search for a variable "Dividend per share"; click on dividend per share; scroll down, select the Period say LFY, the variable DPS_LFY appears in a small box at the bottom

7. Click on Add to last expression; The variable DPS_LFY gets copied into the expression row

8. Add operator >; add value "0"

9. Add new row for the next expression; copy the expressions, step by step as used in a typical screen to get familiar, and so on

10. When you are done, "Save" the Screen

11. You can now "Edit" the Screen or "Execute" your own screen, created by you!

Creating a new Variable

ValuePickr maintains an exhaustive list of variables - all kinds of ratios popularly in use, CAGR or Year on Year, 3yr & 5yr growth rates, historical valuation ratios, industry variables, and so on. Explore the searchable variable tree first. In all probability the variable you have in mind, already exists on our list.

Only if you are sure (can't find desired variable in the variable tree) that you need a new varible, go ahead as below:

1. Go to My Folder, appearing on the top right of your screen

2. Click on My Variables

3. Click on Add new Variable

4. Add Name, Description, Period Type, and the expression

5. Lets say you want to define a new variable Pretax Margin (PBT_LFY/Sales_LFY); Name = PreTaxMargin%; Description = Pre-Tax Margin; Expression =PBT_LFY/Sales_LFY

6. "Save" 

7. You will find PreTaxMargin% in the Variable Tree, and be able to use it in any of your Screens


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