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Welcome to ValuePickr

Try out a stock screener that wants to stake claim for the "Most Talented" spot. No restrictions, run any screen you can think of. Come and challenge the ValuePickr stock screener, but don't be surprised if you end up challenged!


ValuePickr is in Limited Alpha!...It's been a long time in the works.

The seed idea is almost 2 years old! Yes, its taken us that long...reason? Aspirations greater than our Resources. Always will be.

This product has benefited from suggestions and inputs from numerous well-wishers, mentors, and volunteers associated with this huge project. This is a moment of celebration for all of us!

We have been driven with this dream of putting the research power of large analyst teams, into the hands of every informed investor in India. The ValuePickr Stock Screener is our first product that we are proud to offer to you - to challenge, and be challenged. A handful of experienced Investors like you have been invited to this privileged first peek. Its a product built by a few of us consumed with this passion, but it's also a product that has the potential of serious value-addition from each one of you in small, incremental steps. More on that later, first let's get started!

So, go right ahead, become your own STOCK ANALYST. Sieze the POWER, that until now, was available only to large analyst teams/investment bankers.

Why ValuePickr ?

Separating the wheat from the chaff, in our investing domain, of course. That's what ValuePickr stands for. There is such an information (and mis-information) overload in our financial markets, that it's imperative that we separate the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We passionately believe it's possible to do that, and ValuePickr will always be dedicated to that mission. 

ValuePickr Team is committed to deliver several more innovative products for the Informed Investor, as well as the wannabe-informed Investor. The pipeline is long and very promising. 

If you think about it, our first product the Stock Screener fits this ethos, nicely. After all what is a Stock Screener for, if not for delivering you a shortlist of the more promising stock ideas to investigate, while discarding those not-worth-a-second-look.

The ValuePickr Stock Screener

Unlike the limited stock screeners that you have been using so far, you will find many first's here:

  • No limitations on any variable, ratio that you may want to use - well almost!

  • Complete flexibility in designing your filters - using, combining expressions, the way you want

  • Intuitive and easy to use, easy to find the variables you want

  • Performance - fast results - less than a few seconds - take this with a pinch of salt - we are in Alpha:)

  • Company data comparisons across atleast 5 years

  • Statistical functions - compare a company's variables against market averages, industry or sector, median values

  • And hey, what if you could define your own variables? Is that the Icing on the cake, or what?

Our Stock Screener puts all these and more into your - the ValuePickr's - hands.

Go right ahead, become your own STOCK ANALYST. Sieze that POWER, that until now, was only available to large analyst teams/investment bankers.

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This is a limited Alpha Release, please bear with us and help us improve on our efforts. One thing we can assure you, we are committed to making this a Stock Screener that's benchmarked the  world over - we will listen carefully to what you have to say, and deliver on most things that are under our control, albeit, gradually!
While we have made every effort to see that the data used is accurate, we do not take any responsibility for any errors in the data, or any consequences thereof. This is NOT a stock recommendation service. Please be advised to consult a certified financial consultant for your investment needs. Please read Disclaimer.

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