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India Stock Market - discuss, share stock analysis & research, help and learn from each other!

SEBI Regulations

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by vivek bothra
March 22. 2015

Forum Guidelines

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SITE NAVIGATION/USE: SOME POINTERS/GUIDELINES Users new to ValuePickr may find the site hard to navigate/ quickly find what you want. Or you may be unsure of how/where to start a thread. We are working on providing a more user-friendly platform in 3-6 months time. Till such time, it may be useful for you to consider these pointers for help in finding your way around. 21
by harsha devulapalli
March 09. 2015
Transparency-Accountability-Credibility This is a must read for fresh ValuePickrs. As a community we evolve our own rules keeping in mind the interests of different stakeholders - newbies, lurkers, senior investors, stock-analysis-addicts. A must read for all newbies and beginner investors! 9
by Administrator
July 19. 2014


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VP Hangout! This is the place for all things - other than Investing - discussions. Have a favourite rant, give vent here. Want to promote a favourite cause, do it here. Want to show off your literary or other talents - use this space. 10
by Puneet Khurana
February 27. 2015
COMMUNITY VOICE - MAKE IT HEARD Please use this space with discretion. ONLY to be used for situations where the Community Voice needs to be mobilised/harnessed. To illustrate, a good example is the ongoing protest against Periodic Call Auction. Only Senior ValuePickrs will be starting NEW THREADS here. All are welcome to post/reply/comment and make their voice heard. 3
by nazgul
October 23. 2014
The place for Introductions: Expand your TRUST Circle! Let's get to know each other better. Emphasis is on letting the community know more about you, your professional edge, hidden talents, potential - in an effort to enhance your TRUST circle! 6
by Abhishek
Monday 23:15

Lessons from Mr Market

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Lessons from Corporate Misadventures or Fraud/Misdemeanor -in Public Domain In order to develop our Market Edge, we must learn to listen to Mr Market. What is he trying to tell us? Starting with the easiest - dissection of corporate misadventures; and fraud/misdemeanor - and what can we learn from them. Are there some useful patterns to pick up? 10
by Jatin Meswani
November 24. 2014
The Investor's Edge! What makes us better at our own game? What makes someone like a Hitesh or an Ayush stand out? Curious - let's try and dissect some edges special guys possess - broad skills needed to become more refined/mature as Investors, and how we can play catch up!! 11
by Sunil
Friday 12:33

Investing Strategies

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Your Investment Philosophy: the journey that's taking/taken you there Emphasis is more on the JOURNEY and the REFINEMENTS you have been making to your investment process. For most of us, this is a continual process, with immense learnings. Let's try and capture these learnings for everyone's benefit. 12
by Bhaskar Bora
March 19. 2015
Top Down Sectoral Dissections ValuePickr Community so far has been focusing more on a stock-specific grounds-up approach. This is an attempt to broadbase and attract skill-sets & domain expertise for a more well-rounded balanced dissection of Indian Markets. This may prove instrumental in achieving our stated goals of maintaining all-season all- weather performance. 10
by Sunil
January 08. 2015
Investing Success: What's key to durable consistent Success! How do we ensure that we remain consistent in our success. To keep improving our success rates, we have to keep eliminating failures too; become better and better at knowing what to AVOID. What has worked before, need not necessarily keep working! 4
by juggler619
Saturday 17:49
Market Entry-Exit strategies Last time round I did not know when to exit - No one I asked, cared to share a plausible model. Exploring ideas for a decision-making model in times of extremely optimistic or overly pessimistic valuations! 14
by Abhishek
March 18. 2015
Capital Allocation In early 2011, an astute senior Investor pointed out - Happy to see you guys become good stock pickers, but will be happier to see you guys turn into excellent Capital Allocators!! What matters is NOT how many times your stock has gone up (even a 2x is enough), rather how much you have bet on IT! 14
by Amit Aggarwal
Friday 12:38
Asset allocation - Portfolio Rebalancing in Volatile markets? When it starts breaching high valuations, do I remain Invested? Make my portfolio zero cost, shift core portfolio to undervalued small caps, sell out completely and sit on Cash, buy into other asset classes, what?? 6
by Niraj Kumar
August 28. 2013

Books & Tutorials

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Must-Have Investing Books I started baby steps in the Investment world since 2005. I was fortunate that I started reading before jumping in. Here we discuss the books that every wannabe new investor must have in his reading library, and WHY? 26
by Pradeep Agrawal
February 14. 2015
Investing Literature: What I am reading Now! We hope to be able to provide readers with a gist of our current reading, here. Summaries of Concepts; new Insights gained; live examples from the market, discussions & debate are encouraged. 19
by Aveek Mitra
October 15. 2014

Stock Opportunities

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Special Situations One-off special situation opportunities like mergers, takeovers, spinoffs, etc. Sometimes the pay-offs from these can be real nice, in a short period of time! 71
by Varadharajan Ragunathan
Thursday 11:01
Your Top 5 picks Name your top 5 picks giving brief justification. Ideally you can include a Conviction rating and a Valuation rating on the stock. 63
by Girish D
March 03. 2015
Cyclicals Cycles do turn. And turn decisively too! Its not an easy trick to pull off but there are many senior investors who play the cycles regularly - they remain on top of the cycles due to their domain expertise, circles and sheer diligence. We explore here if there are simple ways to stay on top of some cycles! 3
by Abhineet Joshi
January 22. 2015
Short Term Portfolio Current Prospects with absolute UNDERVALUATION from a 6-9 months perspective. If performance and prospects are sustained, these may migrate to Long Term Portfolio as well as one gains more conviction! 11
by naveen kumar
November 13. 2014
Techno-Funda Picks! Purists may scoff at any mention of Technical Analysis, but we at ValuePickr have an OPEN approach. Markets are driven by sentiment, and momentum is a big factor - there is no denying that. Is there a good way to mix the best of both worlds? Since many experts answer in the affirmative. Let's start exploring! And check out for ourselves! 52
by Augustine Jos
March 18. 2015
Untested -but hey, worth a look? Opportunities in lesser known, or unheard of stocks! Maybe its worth looking into them and investigating more on the business. Anyone who thinks they have a promising new stock idea - this is the place to post it! 204
by Sambath
Sunday 09:00
Stocks for the Long Run Stocks with a track record of excellent returns and margins, strong balance sheets, growth visibility at upwards of 25% CAGR, backed by Management that seem to have the confidence to things differently and deliver on commitments. 53
by Roopesh Kohad
Saturday 21:47
Contrarian Takes! Not for everyone! Well-known names, quoting at below-average values, that could appeal to Contrarian Investors. Out-of-favour NOW, but may be the flavour to emerge sooner than we think! 17
by Anil
February 19. 2015
Not-so-Hidden Gems The spotlight here is on emerging business stocks that have the potential to go on to become excellent businesses. Typically they own and dominate a niche of their own! The expectation is each discussion is kicked off with Top-Level Arguments/ or a Stock Story writeup to bring everyone on the same page! 211
by Augustine Jos
Wednesday 22:20

Q&A: Questions & Answers

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Investing Basics Q&A Place to ask any Investing Basics Question! Finally, Senior ValuePickrs have a good opportunity to pay it forward here, all that we have learnt and are learning, by the day. Newbies/Learners, ask all you can - you never know, you might get lucky with a special Mentor! 52
by Shan
Tuesday 17:35
Company Q&A Dedicated Q&A thread for Companies. Quick queries on a company? Want to point to a current opportunity/contrarian bet? Use this Forum for companies where you don't find an active discussion thread on ValuePickr. 30
by Abhishek
Saturday 10:30
Portfolio Q&A The place to discuss/ask for help on Portfolio structuring/re-structuring! Newbies/Learners can list your portfolio here, and ask for help/refinements. Senior ValuePickrs may like to keep an Updated Public Portfolio here - a popular practice in developed markets, leads to widespread following! 187
by varun jain
Sunday 08:25

Stocks marred in Controversies?

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Under the Scanner Investors new to the market are puzzled when they find companies with mysteriously alluring valuations! Often there are real reasons for the stocks getting beaten down. SEBI strictures, Income Tax notices, other corporate governance issues. This is the place to file information, discuss and dig for the real reasons, and help each other with informed decision making on stocks marred in controversies. 10
by Clockwork
February 05. 2015

Stock Analysis & Valuation

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Resource Pages | Stock analysis & valuation You can place your requests for additional resources on ValuePickr here. 8
by Hemant V Bhatia
January 16. 2015

ValuePickr Stock Screener

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Your Feedback Your feedback is extremely important especially on the stock screener, and anything else you may like to share your suggestions on. So keep them coming. Be sure, we are listening carefully! 49
by Pankaj
Friday 09:30
Getting started. Help! Please visit the "Getting Started" section under Resources first. Follow the instructions, browse through the predefined screens, and then start playing around. In case you still cant get going, need some help with the syntax, etc. - feel free to ask for help here! 5
by Gaurav
July 05. 2014

ValuePickr Content Suggestions

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Stock Analysis Template All suggestions/feedback on the Stock Analysis Template is compiled here. Stock specific discussion on a specific stock analysis is better done at the forum, or commented on in the page itself! 6
by manish
January 13. 2015
Stock Story Template All suggestions/feedback on the Stock Story template is compiled here. Stock specific discussion on a specific stock story is better done at the forum, or commented on in the page itself! 2
by Shiva Kumar
November 29. 2010
New content categories All suggestions/feedback on additional content categories is compiled here. We truly value your suggestions...please keep them coming! 17
by Pranav Singh
December 06. 2014

General forums

Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
by Gurjot
March 22. 2015
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